Archeologists believe that there was a settlement on the area of the town of Haskovo 7000 years ago. It started as a market center, located on an important crossroads from Plovdiv to Edirne and Constantinople and from Russe to the Aegean Sea.

Today, Haskovo impresses with the equilibrium of its modern development and its preserved historical heritage. It is a municipal and district administrative centre with the fastest and shortest way to connect Europe and the Near East passing through it.

Its favorable geographic location, rich cultural-historical heritage and appealing contemporary look have turned Haskovo into a successfully developing tourist destination. Numerous are the remains of the flourish of the Thracian civilization in the area. Unique fortresses were built here by past Bulgarian generations. The traditional houses from the Renaissance period still impress with their architecture and authentic decorations.

The highest statue of the Virgin Mother, which has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records rises above the town of Haskovo. Next to it is located one of the highest bell towers on the Balkans to reveal a wonderful panoramic view to the whole town.

A reconstruction of a Thracian tomb from IVth century BC with its unique wall paintings can be seen at the museum of Thracian art, situated in the town closest village of Aleksandrovo. The architecture of the tomb is exceptional to compete with the most impressive monuments ever in our country.

Built in 1500, the church "The Assumption" in the village of Uzundzhovo is the biggest village church in Bulgaria. The beautiful wooden iconostasis there with its carved Glagolitic alphabet is the only one of its kind in the country.